A short love story with the Note 7

When I say short, I mean short. 72 hours short to be exact. So with all this negative hype surrounding the Note 7 I was curious to get the “fixed” phone and prepare to spend the next two years with it. I can hold on to a phone for a pretty long time. Once I get the hang of how it works, it’s hard for me to let go.

Anyway, I got the Note 7 a few days after it was put back on sale Saturday the 8th of October and that very same day my phone over heated. It scared me I’m not going to lie. Later on I realized it was because it was plugged into my computer and not the white USB thingy that came with the Note. (I am in no way shape or form a tech junkie so forgive me if I spell things the way I say it) Once I felt that it was too hot, and this wasn’t from body heat, I immediately unplugged my phone and left it alone. I wanted to charge my phone and not have to be stuck to a wall outlet because the cord that comes with it is about 3 feet long. Yes there were past stories that had already come out about the phone before but I thought the purpose of a recall was to fix the problem and not just say the problem was fixed. (That’s the way it looks on my end) I wanted the phone since the day it came out but silly me, I didn’t have any idea the phone was out until the reports about the damage it causes came across my twitter feed (The millennial’s newspaper). Again, I’m no techie so I don’t keep up with these kinds of things.

The saddest part about this whole thing was that I actually thought I found a decent working phone and I knew I was going to have this one for a while. It was kind of like being in an abusive relationship where things were fine one minute then things get hot and explode the next.

Pun intended.


Team Android vs. Team iPhone

So the other day I was invited to a friend’s birthday dinner somewhere in Atlanta. While meeting up and sitting down with the rest of the crew (I was a little late, oops), not even 10 seconds later I noticed that I was sitting among a table full of iPhone users. I’m like really?!( -_-) And that’s my exact facial expression too. It didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I may not be (hashtag) team iPhone but I do own a macbook, iPad and iPod, so I guess you could say that I’m team Apple. But to make a long story short, one of my friend’s friend kept going on and on about how my phone is so big (I have the Galaxy S3 incase you were wondering) and how the Android system isn’t up to speed like how the iPhone’s system is (and this is all after the upgrade might I add) and so on and so forth. One thing I didn’t want to get into that I could have easily made a big deal about in front of total strangers was how Google is getting a cut from it all. Android is Google, MacBooks and iPhones have the safari web browser which has Google as the search engine so I’m pretty sure that google gets some type of pay out from that. 


That was just some conversation that happened to me earlier. It’s not the first time I’ve had to defend my phone from a bunch of crazy iPhone people and I guarantee it won’t be the last.

Technology controls my life!! And I’m not that happy about it

Recently my phone of 8 months has failed me. *insert sad sounding awww sound here* All I know is that I was minding my own business texting and what not then all of a sudden I get a notification saying that I need to insert my SIM card and restart my phone for it to work properly. I’m like “Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!” So I take the back cover off  and try to fix it myself (bad idea) and I think I might have made it worse. Long story short, I’m getting a new phone tomorrow for $5 might I add (HELL YEAH) but the silence from my phone is killing me. No texts or phone calls for a whole day and I’m freaking out. Ha! (And I’m kinda serious) Imagine if I said that to my younger self 10 years ago. Without giving out too much about my age I would have probably said “So what, I live without one now” It’s so crazy how a simple smartphone can take me over like that to the point where I have to blog about it because the Wi-Fi still works. About 6 hours ago I was asked in a joking way if I would be ok without a phone, I told her I would be fine and laughed it off but now up until I get the new one I guess I’ll be just a quiet as my phone. *sad face*