Vantage Point

The next upcoming years will be no different than the previous years when it comes to my writing. Sharpening up my skills could only help, not hinder. I have this problem that arises every time I put pen to paper or fingers on keyboard.


Who should tell the story?


Who’s point of view should the story come from? The obvious choice is from the character in which the actions are put upon but at the same time that character can only tell what they saw. What if there was something that took place across town that was important to the story and the main character was not there to witness it. How would my audience know about this? Should it be omitted from the story? Am I over thinking this? (Yes) I run into this problem halfway through writing. I hit writer’s block hard and sometimes can’t shake the feeling that I’ll never be able to finish what I started. Then I start to wonder if I told it from a different angle then maybe I wouldn’t have run into this issue.


Anxiety is a bitch!


I’m making a few changes to my life and one of those changes is finishing what I start. I have a strong habit of not doing so. This is a minor hump in writing though. At least that’s how I see it. I’ll get through it. My vision board is cheering me on.


A short love story with the Note 7

When I say short, I mean short. 72 hours short to be exact. So with all this negative hype surrounding the Note 7 I was curious to get the “fixed” phone and prepare to spend the next two years with it. I can hold on to a phone for a pretty long time. Once I get the hang of how it works, it’s hard for me to let go.

Anyway, I got the Note 7 a few days after it was put back on sale Saturday the 8th of October and that very same day my phone over heated. It scared me I’m not going to lie. Later on I realized it was because it was plugged into my computer and not the white USB thingy that came with the Note. (I am in no way shape or form a tech junkie so forgive me if I spell things the way I say it) Once I felt that it was too hot, and this wasn’t from body heat, I immediately unplugged my phone and left it alone. I wanted to charge my phone and not have to be stuck to a wall outlet because the cord that comes with it is about 3 feet long. Yes there were past stories that had already come out about the phone before but I thought the purpose of a recall was to fix the problem and not just say the problem was fixed. (That’s the way it looks on my end) I wanted the phone since the day it came out but silly me, I didn’t have any idea the phone was out until the reports about the damage it causes came across my twitter feed (The millennial’s newspaper). Again, I’m no techie so I don’t keep up with these kinds of things.

The saddest part about this whole thing was that I actually thought I found a decent working phone and I knew I was going to have this one for a while. It was kind of like being in an abusive relationship where things were fine one minute then things get hot and explode the next.

Pun intended.

Breaking the Facebook Addiction




Yes, you’re reading the title correctly. Only I’m not breaking it for good, more like cutting back on how much I visit the site (or go on the app). First I have to apologize to Facebook, they (the company) did nothing to me and I am not mad at all. Just tired and a little frustrated of going on the site and having my entire news feed filled with Vines. I mean really?!? It’s getting harder and harder to “Facebook stalk” (is that a thing?) my crush or check in on my friend’s statuses. And not to mention the ridiculous amounts of game request I’m getting from people I don’t even talk to for some stupid game I don’t even play. There is a way to get rid of those useless notifications by going to the settings and changing what all you want an alert for but I’ve changed that thing so long ago and I’m still getting alerts to my phone for that stuff. Something I’ve noticed too while not going on the Facebook app is that it’ll ring just because to let you know that it will sign you out for inactivity. A week later I go back to check to see if I’m still logged in and I was. So was that a cry for attention? I understand Facebook is trying it’s hardest to not go down the same path as Myspace by becoming forgotten (sorry myspace) and a thing of the past but the dumb game request and hundreds of Vines I have to sift through to catch up on status updates is getting boring.

Side note with Myspace:

So about 4 years ago I go to delete my myspace account and the site would not let me delete my page! I was like, “You can’t hold me hostage here!” And I remember it was 4 years ago because it was when Chris Brown made that apology via YouTube and it was posted everywhere. I stopped to watch it and then went to delete my page. Long story short, it wouldn’t let me do it and I logged myself off forever.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I’m past annoyed with the request, viral Vines and the notifications to wish people a happy birthday. Yes, they come as a notification now and not just that little birthday symbol in the upper right hand corner! This addiction is a tough one to slow down on because it has been my social networking go-to since 2007 and not to mention it is a great way to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with in the B.F. days (There’s B.C. and A.D. so I thought I’d add a B.F. for Before Facebook 🙂 you’re welcome!). Great way to check-in every once in a while but the jumbled up news feed is pushing me away. Is there a way to get rid of all the Vines? If so please let me know.


Thanks for reading my mini rant!