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Writer’s block or procrastination? Shakespeare was close but that is the real question

Sometimes when I’m writing something that I plan on filming, I get caught up on “how could I film this” or “how could I film that” that I will change and rearrange somethings that that will eventually take away from the overall quality of the final result. Most times my final product isn’t exactly like the original thought. If I finally film what I started writing, I’m for the most part content but the perfectionist in me is slightly upset due to location restraints and not being able to do what I wanted to do but at the age of four I learned what the word “improvise” meant and I’ve been quick on my toes ever since. Each script I write I come to this point where I’m like, “Should I even write this in? I’m not even sure it’ll get filmed” then I get so caught up in my feelings that it discourages me to finish it. I’ll come back to it later with new idea on a new direction which can be a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it. That new idea I came up with could change the story completely or change it to a better outcome. Ta da, no more writer’s block! So in a way, my procrastination cured my writer’s block but sooner or later the cycle will start all over again. There’s definitely a touch of both when it comes to me writing out a script but in the end it all turns out for the better…. 



…At least I would hope.