Self discipline

I’ve been adding more easier goals to my vision board lately and it’s helped me get a little more control of my life.

My most recent addition was to go 30 days without dairy. I knew this was an achievable goal because I had gone without meat for 46 days (originally set to 30 days) and I found a new love for challenging myself. That post is sort of visible under the dairy free post in yellow highlighter. Going without meat was a little tough for the first week. On top of dealing with the fact I couldn’t eat hot wings and meat lovers pizza I also had to go though a rehearsed speech to all of my friends as to why I was doing this. This isn’t like me. As an advocate of hot lemon pepper wings (self proclaimed) I wouldn’t be the one you would choose to go forward with this goal. I get it. I’m a fan of meat. Everyone in my circle knows this. I also fell into the wormhole of how “all meat is bad for you” after the popular movie What the Health made its way to Netflix and it opened my eyes to something I already knew but didn’t want to be true. It was never my goal to fully get rid of meat, hell I have a reputation to uphold as the Queen of Hot Lemon Pepper with a side of ranch! *pending trademark*

I’m in the process of making major life changes and it starts with changing the way I treat myself. Mind and body included. Last year I lost 50 lbs and the whole process taught me how to take control of my life. If I put my mind to it, I can achieve anything. Pushing myself on the treadmill beyond my limit, not leaving the gym to stop by some fast food place and eat my way into my feelings and changing up my snacking habits taught me a lesson no fancy professor at an Ivy league school making $100,000 annually could ever teach me. As a matter of fact, my first goal I made late 2016 was to cut out all fast food (except Chick-fil-a duh! I’m still not in complete control) and only stick to home cooked meals and when I’m out with friends at a restaurant. This was the first shock to my family because my mom was so used to seeing me with a Taco Bell burrito in my hand every now and then. Even to this day she’ll say, “I can’t believe you gave up your Taco Bell. You love that place.” I’ll follow up with how serious I am about loosing weight. She sees my progress. She even gave me her belt when she noticed my pants weren’t fitting properly anymore.

I also started going back to therapy this year. I’ve only gone twice before but the first two times I wasn’t able to pick my own therapist. This year I got to do all the picking. Therapy is helping me understand me better. Why do I tick the way I tick? All my life’s decisions has landed me on someone’s couch in someone’s office explaining all my life’s decisions. A therapist can only do but so much. I have to put the work in outside of my one hour sessions if I really want to see results. This is an important lesson I cannot stress enough if you plan on going to therapy yourself. As I sat in my therapist’s chair reliving things I tried so hard to forget was a wake up call. I could have handled myself a little differently in the past. I could have spoke to myself a little nicer rather than point out my flaws in a repetitious cycle that seems to never end (check out free fall) which would discourage me from being the awesome person I am. I could have handled situations differently  differently besides eat myself into obesity. Childhood obesity at that. I could have not given up on taking care of my mother’s health before falling too deep in my own feelings of not really knowing how to cure her. I could have but I didn’t.

The truth is quite obvious. I cannot take care of everyone else if I am not even taking care of me. Being in control of my own life is the key to achieving anything. I can stay away from meat. I proved that to myself earlier this year. I can stay away from dairy which is much harder than staying away from meat by the way. Do you know how much dairy is in processed foods? I was shocked when I found it listed on the ingredients label in a bag of salt and vinegar chips. SALT. AND. VINEGAR. CHIPS! How?! Also, WHERE?! Anyway, I proved this to myself for these past 30 days. As of today I can highlight this on my vision board and count it as a win. Self discipline is a nice little tactic to help yourself take back what you thought was lost or didn’t even know was gone. This new found discovery of taking back my life has helped me get into my focus. I’m making better life choices not only with food but with my career, my goals and with the people I want in my circle.

Look at me. Being a grown-up and taking responsibility for my actions.


2 thoughts on “Self discipline

  1. I am so glad you happened along my blog page so that I would read yours! This is awesome to read and truly inspirational, I want a healthier life but my life-style isn’t proving it. I gave up Taco Bell (for the most part) a few years ago and I made a commitment to try every food again. The enemy got ahold of my thought process early in life and veggies were not my friends. I am improving little by little by I always find myself craving the crap. I found a new goal that I will begin soon and I love that someone else is writing about doing it! Great job, proud of you!

    • Thank you! The cravings can be killer and I find myself falling into the trap. I try and trick my brain into thinking carrots will put an end to my cravings but most times my brain doesn’t fall for the trick. It’s definitely tough sometimes. I find it easier to avoid temptation once I’ve avoided it at least 3 times in a row. That fourth time and moving forward is a breeze. I’ve given into temptation a lot more this year than I did last year but I’m noticing I’m not getting the same results. I’m still a work in progress.

      Good luck on your new goal! Stay focused and remind yourself everyday (or hour) what you’re trying to achieve!

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