Call me old-fashioned but…

via Daily Prompt: Archaic

…Please don’t call me old fashioned. I’m pretending to live in a world where I’m caught up on all the latest technologies and trends when in reality I tend to avoid all of it. I’m not living in the cave men era nor am I living in the “Watch me slide my smart watch across the pin pad to pay for my coffee” era. Once I find something I like that works for me, I stick to it. Unfortunately. Technology is changing every few months and I can barely keep up. I stick to two social media apps, snapchat and twitter on my not so top of the line smart phone. I’ve learned to avoid Facebook completely (check back to a post I did years ago explaining this) and only focus on apps where very few people know me. Social media can be dangerous depending on how you go about doing things. I don’t want to get caught up on the dark side of a social dragging because of something I posted where a stranger did not agree or even worse, personal information like addresses or place of work is leaked exposing me to all kinds of creeps. Keeping my social apps down to a minimum and my phone on the not-so-popular trend allows me to silently say “to hell with this system, you can’t keep me down!” while also using the system and keeping myself down at the same time.

I’m not too old where I don’t know what a smart watch is or how to operate one and I’m not so young that I know who Lil *insert-any-antidepressant-medication-here* the rapper is. My generation is the last generation to know what a VHS tape looks like, we know the struggles of rewinding a movie before watching it, we know that in order to save a document we needed a 3 1/2 inch floppy disc (now ironically this is the save icon on Microsoft Office. Yes boys and girls, the floppy disc existed at one point. No 3-D printer needed to print it from the computer), we know what it was like to wait for a musical artist to release a disc if we wanted to listen to their album. There was no waiting until midnight to refresh the screen from where ever you buy music to download. You had to be at the store bright and early if you wanted to buy a copy.

Speaking of stores…

If you wanted to buy a new outfit for a party or event you’re going to, you needed to drive or get your mom to take you to a store to purchase said items. No www., no shipping and handling and no waiting on your package to arrive. The world was not at our finger tips and yet we survived.

I do not come from the archaic times but I’m closer to the having a landline and cell phone times than the everyone has a cell phone now times. Things change, there’s no escaping that. Sometimes they change for the better and other times for the not so better. It’s fine. We learn, we grow and we move on. One day, hopefully not soon, but one day the very piece of technology you’re stuck on and can’t imagine life without it will turn to dust and decay at humanity’s feet while the new thing takes over. Whether we like it or not we too will be considered archaic according to the history books. Just a photograph for some child to write a paper about and read aloud in class.


2 thoughts on “Call me old-fashioned but…

  1. You literally had me laughing out loud because I can TOTALLY relate! Thank you for your post and I’m looking forward to reading back further soon. Have a great day♥️

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