via Daily Prompt: Bubble

“Not all who wonder are lost.” -My coffee mug

I don’t know who actually came up with the quote but as soon as I saw it I stopped dead in my tracks on the way to the check out counter to add this cup to my collection of groceries. My arms were already full of items of things I needed and things I didn’t need. “It’s only $5,” I said to convince myself to include this cup with the things I needed.

Fun fact: It didn’t take much convincing.

I know my thoughts can take me to the depths of imagination land and have everyone around me to think I’m in a daydream like trance. Trust me when I tell you I am not lost. Only pondering. Being stuck in a temporary bubble is my way to regroup and gather all my thoughts at once. I need that space to proceed with the next step in life. That cup put everything into perspective within a matter of seconds. It is saying a lot by not saying much at all.

As a creative, it’s easy and necessary for us to float away from the rest. We need that time to surround ourselves with the things or people who inspire us. We are not lost, only deep in thought. We’ll eventually return when our bubble pops but until then please don’t take it personal when we don’t immediately return your calls or text. There is no timer on this bubble we’re in (at least for me it isn’t). I find myself floating away and returning back into society more times now that I’m older. This alone time is heavenly and my bubble is a very comfortable space. I’m thinking of redecorating with a California King. My Queen will do for now.


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