The set-back and the come-up

via Daily Prompt: Tide

Life could easily be compared to the tides in the ocean. Depending on it’s attraction to the moon at the current moment, the tide is either nowhere in sight or right at your toes from where ever you sit.

Let’s think of the moon as an energy source and the tide your wondering soul. This relationship you have with the moon depicts your tide’s exact location. It’s so satisfying to think of how powerful the connection is between the energy we attract and where we are in life.

The moon has the power to set your tide back to the end of the pier. While it’s at the end of the pier take a look at the water mark that was left behind towards the bottom. The ocean has been higher than it is now but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay at low tide for always and forever. It’s having a set back at the moment and that’s just fine.

As long as the ocean does not fully disappear into the abyss, earth is still happy. Without low tide we would not be able to appreciate high tide. This little set back is what we need to catapult us into our come up.

Never forget that as you’re riding the low tide wave.

Where does your moon have to be for your tide to reach it’s furthest potential?



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