Can you see me?

via Daily Prompt: Observe

What do you see when you see me?

Not the mask I’ve put on for the majority of my life. Not the clothes I wear to cover my stretch marks. Not one of the 3 pairs of shoes I wear to match my different shades of black outfits.

But do you see my pain?

If your answer is no, I’ll get the Academy on the phone to convince them of my lifetime of Oscar nominated performances.

If your answer is yes…dammit! Can’t talk right now. Bye!

See my actions. How do I treat you? How do I treat others? What do I do with my hands as I’m talking to you? Are you observing my body language?

Body language is a tattletale. It is the enemy to whatever costume we’ve put on to play the role.

My problem with body language is I am fully aware of what my body language is saying. However, I can’t stop it.

Observe me as I observe you. If we come to an unspoken agreement where we like what we see, I’ll be happy to start this wonderful path of friendship with you.


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