Know what’s going on around you but don’t always react

Accept people for who they are. Take it a face value. They may change or they’re simply not being themselves. Don’t interrupt their presentation.


If you see a change for the better, enjoy the show. If you see a change for the worst, get out before it’s too late. But remain quiet during the act. It’s not over yet.


It’s important to take notes to discuss afterward if you so choose. Praise is never turned away. If you left the show early but still would like to leave feedback on where it all went wrong, don’t feel entitled to a Tony winning broadway performance. A pre-k production may be the best they can do.


Don’t be so quick to leave an angry review. Tell them why you felt the need to walk away before the train wreck took place. The performer was simply giving their show to the best of their abilities. But remember, you did not sign up for a disaster.


The mature thing is to find out why the show went left. Do you have time? Do you have time to ask the performer why it was acted out in such a way that the show took valuable time from you? Are you willing to waste more time? What others do or say should never impact your life so much where you are obsessing about the situation non-stop. You have no control in that department.


If you enjoy someone’s performance, what keeps you coming back? Are you giving your audience the same energy?


What if someone says something during their show that you don’t agree with, how soon should you react? I don’t have the answers here. I honestly don’t have the answers to any of the previous questions. Everyone interprets things differently.


Watch. Enjoy. Laugh. Listen. Discuss. Understand. But if things don’t go as planned (and they usually won’t), don’t react so soon. Take your time. Hear them out. If not, there’s nothing wrong with walking out during intermission.


This post is how I’ve been feeling lately about a friendship of mine that is slowly sinking. I saw it coming years ago but I’m just now getting the courage to do something about it. If you’ve been feeling the same as I have, how did you handle it? I know that being comfortable in outgrowing friends plays a big part in how to deal with friendship breakups yet it is easier said than done.


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