Guilt & Shame.

Mood for 2018

Teara Renee

Guilt and Shame, they’re not the same

However, they overlap

You may feel guilty that you did something but feeling is guilty is different from feeling shame

You see, you feel ashamed of what you do/did

And if you allow it to happen, people can lead you to feeling both

Notice I said “allow” not “make”

People cannot “make” you feel anything

You choose all of your feelings and emotions

It is a lot easier when you continue having your problem and balms others for your feelings but it takes COURAGE to step up and do something about it

It takes COURAGE to begin rewiring your brain to not only control and regulate you’re emotions but also learn to take RESPONSIBILITY

It is important that you realize what you want to feel

If you want to feel guilt and shame, that’s your choice

Again, I say, guilt comes from doing…

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