Let’s talk about the “N” word

West African Londoner

I and I’m sure many women and men and not just those within the black community have noticed a lot of black women globally have returned to natural for one reason or the other. Overall the transition from relaxed hair/weave to natural is having a positive impact on a lot of girls and women. There are many natural hair gurus on YouTube, blogs, Instagram and Facebook pages dedicated to natural hair care regimes products and women sharing their natural hair journeys with images and testimonials, something that wasn’t around a few years ago.

When I started seeing this movement a few years back I was in two minds about it. Questioning if it’s just a trend or do black girls and women now feel more confident, proud and liberated to wear their hair in its natural form? Both were true and still are, for some going natural was just the…

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One thought on “Let’s talk about the “N” word

  1. Interesting post, the biggest discussion about the “N” word – should not only be in wearing Natural hair, but the “N” in “detaNgle”. Along with the joy of the natural hair movement came this challenge.

    However, just like any other problem-it has a solution.

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