Hurt people hurt people

The title couldn’t have been a more accurate saying. It’s something that I’ve heard maybe a few years ago and it has put more things into perspective for me. A lot of times when someone is hurt, they carry the burden of having to remember what caused the pain. Some choose to let it go while others allow it to creep around in their minds only to be remembered at the most inopportune times. How can it be stopped? At first I use to think that question was rhetorical but now I want answers. I get it, people get stressed out from work or family life and bring it back to the work place or the family. Anger gets lashed out at the wrong people at the wrong times. I’m guilty of lashing out and being at the right place at the wrong time for someone to let everything out on me. I guess it depends on the person on controlling whatever issues they have inside. What sense does it make to take your anger out on someone who has nothing to do with your problems? If you do this in your day to day life just know that you’re not going to stop until the problem is resolved within you. I don’t have all the answers to this saying but coming from my point of view on this saying is that the cycle will continue. The choice is inside all of us on letting the matter continue….


….Just a thought.


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