Technology controls my life!! And I’m not that happy about it

Recently my phone of 8 months has failed me. *insert sad sounding awww sound here* All I know is that I was minding my own business texting and what not then all of a sudden I get a notification saying that I need to insert my SIM card and restart my phone for it to work properly. I’m like “Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!” So I take the back cover off  and try to fix it myself (bad idea) and I think I might have made it worse. Long story short, I’m getting a new phone tomorrow for $5 might I add (HELL YEAH) but the silence from my phone is killing me. No texts or phone calls for a whole day and I’m freaking out. Ha! (And I’m kinda serious) Imagine if I said that to my younger self 10 years ago. Without giving out too much about my age I would have probably said “So what, I live without one now” It’s so crazy how a simple smartphone can take me over like that to the point where I have to blog about it because the Wi-Fi still works. About 6 hours ago I was asked in a joking way if I would be ok without a phone, I told her I would be fine and laughed it off but now up until I get the new one I guess I’ll be just a quiet as my phone. *sad face*


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