Keeping my fingers crossed

So I’ve decided to enter myself into a video contest for the first time ever. Well…maybe the second time ever but I never acted on my first entry.

See what had happened was (lol, I promise there’s a good reason) I entered in my school’s annual film festival but had to drop it because the actors who were suppose to be in it just up and disappeared. I’m talking Harry Houdini himself could not have done a better job at making them disappear. Honestly, I don’t know what happened. We were talking for days leading to the actual date to film but hours before my phone went silent. I tried calling and calling my actors but their phones rang to no end. Not even a text message. Only one of my actors/friend showed up and we sat in my dinning room for like an hour playing on our phones. I tried acting as if it was no big deal by saying things like “Oh, I’m sure they’re having car trouble” or “I live in the middle of nowhere so they probably don’t have a signal to contact me.” I didn’t even believe what I was saying but I kept my head held high and continued to do whatever it was on my iPad. A little over an hour later I called it a night and sent my friend home. It felt horrible and I blamed myself for choosing these people to be in my short film. At the same time when I told them about it they volunteered themselves to be a part of it so I figured why not? I blamed myself for so long after my first attempts of filming something had failed that I was in no mood to film anything else. Needless to say I still haven’t heard from those people who were suppose to be my original actors and all of this took place in the spring of 2012.

So for this second video contest I’ve entered myself in I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I’ll actually make it and more than just myself can enjoy this passion of mine. P.S. This next project is all up to me, there will be no actors involved so all I can rely on is myself. 🙂 


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